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Responsibility communicates the important principles of Gainer's operations that promote sustainable future and are genuinely reflected in our everyday work.

1. Economic Responsibility

We adhere to regulatory obligations and contractual agreements appropriately. We handle all societal and legal obligations exemplary and timely.

Customers are partners to us, with whom we closely collaborate.

We also expect our customers to demonstrate similar responsibility.

2. Environmental Responsibility

We make purchases based on need and with consideration. In procurement, we prioritize longevity and ecological factors.

The amount of our daily waste is minimal, and all waste is sorted. Machines and equipment are recycled through recycling professionals.

We minimize paper usage by conducting documentation, archiving, and data transfer electronically/digitally. We also encourage our customers to do the same.

3. Social and Societal Responsibility

Our work holds broad societal significance; we assist charities and organizations producing social and health-related well-being in their fundraising activities. In 2023, we made over 185,000 fundraising contacts for our clients, of which 26,000 were successful. We understand our responsibility in representing our clients in our work.

We always aim to provide skills and abilities useful for all our employees throughout their lives through work. These include communication and interpersonal skills as well as community-oriented and considerate work practices.

We offer employment to everyone and all types of employees; those with partial disabilities, different life situations, and ages. Over half of our employees are over 55 years old. We consider each individual's skills, background, and interests in job planning and task execution.

We understand the diversity of our employees in its broadest sense. We invest in community and provide a socially safe working environment. We treat all Gainer employees equally in different situations.

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